Giving Tuesday graphic in teal, navy blue, and red and stating "Together we gave. Thank you! Giving Tuesday. November 30, 2021."

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Bar Association (DHHBA, recognizes and thanks the donors who made Giving Tuesday donations to DHHBA on Tuesday November 30, 2021.

Thanks to our donors, our Giving Tuesday fundraiser on Facebook was a success! Your donations, matched by Facebook, will advance our advocacy, accessibility, and outreach efforts on behalf of our members and the d/Deaf and hard of hearing legal community.

We especially want to recognize and thank Kontnik | Cohen, LLC ( , for their generous donation of $1,500.

We are deeply touched by and grateful for your donations. We are 100% volunteer-operated, have limited funds and no paid staff, and depend on dues, donations, fundraisers, and sponsorships. By making a donation, you recognized our many volunteer hours and unpaid work on behalf of DHHBA, which means a lot to us.

Thank you for supporting DHHBA!